November 12, 2012

While waiting for Berlin to be decorated and illuminated with Christmas lights, 
I was browsing my computer for some summer pictures to share with you. 

These were taken in August in Bremen, when the sun shone bright and we were wearing flip-flops...

Strolling around the old city center, beginning at the late-mediaeval market place.

Entering the "Böttcherstraße" where the Worpswede painters and Jugendstil artists found their home in Bremen.

Through the oldest part of Bremen, the "Schnoor"...

Further to the "Viertel" - an area famous for its student culture.

Ending the day with a drink in a beautiful old cinema bar.


  1. Ich reise auch gerne mit Dir-nach Frankreich, Dresden und auch Bremen. Ich würde mich wirklich freuen, wenn Du Dich auch an Menschen ran traust. Ich wünsch mir das einfach von Dir ^_^
    Bin mir sicher, dass Du das auch besonders machst!

  2. Sooo schöne Bilder..., die Farben sind toll - ich will den Sommer zurück!!! :)

  3. Magical. Out of a fairy tale. I remembered the story of the Musicians of Bremen. Good to finally know what Bremen looks like :)

  4. those last two make my heart sing. beautiful!!!

  5. Gorgeous colors - and the tiled roofs have such texture! Goodbye flip-flops!

  6. I have never been in Bremen but would love to go one day! it looks absolutely beautiful!

  7. I love these and how architectural everything is! The bright colors...awesome.