Tour de Harz {Quedlinburg}

May 27, 2013

Late that afternoon we reached Quedlinburg, the last stop of our short tour through the Harz region. As Wiki says, it's "... one of the best-preserved medieval and renaissance towns in Europe". And I tell you: what a beautiful, little town! We strolled through its centre (the Altstadt) and fell completely in love with the narrow cobbled streets and the tiny medieval houses.

This town was so full of photogenic scenery and lovely details that it was very hard to decide which pictures to show you... I hope you don't mind that this post actually contains a little more pictures as usual - so, come with me!

Before going home we stopped the car to have this wonderful view across the region with the steeples of Quedlinburg in the distance.


  1. You should have shared ALL your photos! :) This place is so quaint, and it looks preserved in time! So beautiful and lovely. I read up about it a little bit, and saw that it had been established as a village since the 9th century? It amazes me. (As I've said before, we have nothing like that in the States.) Anyway, I love all these photos, especially the one of all the tiled roofs!

    1. "preserved in time" - that were the words I were looking for :) Yes, over 1000 years old... 1000 years. This always amazes me, too.

      Thank you for your lovely comment!

  2. Ich habe mich auch total in Quedlinburg verliebt!

  3. It looks GORGEOUS. What a beautiful little town. I love all the details and rooftops with their little windows.

  4. für mich wäre die Kleinstadt zu idylisch und klein...mag eher die Grossstadt und die Hektik, aber wie immer hast Du es wunderbar eingefangen!

  5. Your photos look as though they are from a storybook! How I would love to visit there!

  6. wahnsinnsbilder. waer mir zwar auch zu klein auf dauer, aber so zu besuch...

  7. I'm sure you know these photos are AMAZING, but it bears repeating! Stunning, really.