Looking for Clyde

September 24, 2013

One evening, when it was especially warm and cloudless, we decided to go to Glasgow's river Clyde. To sit near the Clyde Arc, take pictures, talk, have a drink, watch the lights of the city in the water. But what sounds so easy at first turned out to be a difficult endeavour. Because one peculiar thing about Glasgow is that there is a huuuge motorway, cutting directly through the heart of this wonderful city... at least it seems so.

Looking at the map, the Clyde seemed to be in good reach, a bit of a walk and then just across the motorway. But for us, as pedestrians, this motorway turned out to be a concrete labyrinth with fly-overs, undercrossings, dead spots, oversized footbridges leading into the darkness and nowhere near the river... it was jinxed, we knew we were not far away from it, we could even see the Clyde sometimes. So we were walking over and under and along the highway, while the pedestrian zones grew darker and darker and abandoned, no people, just us and the roaring motorway.

I don't know if we just chose the wrong way, if we weren't able to read the map that evening or why we got lost in all this concrete - in fact, we didn't find the Clyde. So, eventually, we decided to go back, make the best of it, take some pictures and call it a day in a nice pub very far away from the Glaswegian motorway :)


  1. Oh dear, what a frustrating experience! I'm glad that you were able to and it at a pub!

  2. oh, too bad. but it happens. great pics nevertheless :)

  3. Hello Nancy! Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I really love Scotland - even though I've only been there once. I'd like to travel there many more times!

  4. Glasgow looks so beautiful through your lens! <3

  5. Das zweite und letzte ... wie aus einem englischen Krimi! Wunderbar!

  6. Fantastic nighttime photography! Which I love!

    What a photographer's eye, you have!