The Barras

September 16, 2013

The Barras Market in Glasgow - an intriguing mixture of indoor and street market, a concert hall, a leisure place, all somehow cut off from the outside world. I still don't know how large the area is and how much belongs to it. In any case, a place where you can get lost, literally and metaphorically. I could have spend hours there, exploring and taking pictures, although it's not a neat or bonnie place in the usual meaning. It's a little bit dark, chavvy, facades are crumbling and sometimes you don't know if it's a vendor's market stall or a dump. But I like that, this non-perfectness, this dichotomy, if you know what I mean... It's crammed to the ceilings with horriblenesses and treasures.

The market also has the Barrowland, a former ballroom and now a concert hall. Both were founded by a very impressive and determined lady: Maggy McIver, who founded the market out of nothing (and got a millionairess) and then in the 1930's the Barrowland Ballroom for her dinner dances. If you are interested, here's more on the illustrious "Barras Queen": click.

It's a location full of history and although I don't know it for sure, it seems like it has been like this for decades, unimpressed by times changing.

Ehm, anybody else noticing the resemblance of little Prince William's and the dog's facial expression...?

Had Maggie McIver met James Bond, I presume it would have looked like this.


  1. I can see why you would get lost here. There are so many things to photograph, so many people to watch. Bits and pieces of everything old world, almost.

  2. haha, I had not noticed Prince William's lookalike. but thanks for pointing it out. had me burst out laughing :)

  3. Wonderful photos. I so love your words, and the notion of "unimpressed by times changing".