Via Bressay to Noss (almost)

January 05, 2014

First of all:


I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, happy, adventurous new year filled with love and laughter!

A new year always makes me (like many people) want to start and try something new - which is a good thing, I think. So I thought about starting here with something new, too. Antonella (here) just finished her "52 rolls, 52 weeks" project, which I enjoyed very much. I loved the results she got and the idea of taking the challenge of a film roll every week and with it to learn and be surprised appealed a lot to me. So I thought about trying it, too, but I think its not the time yet. And I enjoy my Shetland series too much, and this film roll project would take much of the free time I have. But I will try to finish a film roll every month, like Digital Cosmonaut (here) started last year. 

But for now, let's stay in Shetland.

When you stand at the harbour in Lerwick, Mainland, you look to the next neighboring island: Bressay. And behind Bressay is Noss, a National Nature Reserve with loooooooads of birds and a hundred feet high cliff, which we absolutely wanted to see. Noss is almost uninhabited except of the warden, who lives in the only house on Noss, facing Bressay, and provides a boat service (boat = small rubber dinghy - eek!). You can see the house in the picture below. I still admire anyone who lives out there alone and that the current warden is a woman just enhances my admiration.

To get to Noss, you have to cross the  3 miles of Bressay, where there are no buses. Since we hadn't a car and it was the perfect summer day, we decided to walk and just try to get a lift with someone going to Noss, too. Soon we were lucky and a very friendly local picked us up. She was on her way home, but decided to drive us all the way across Bressay. You can imagine how thankful we were...

I will never forget the first view of the turquoise and blue water, the same colour as the sky, and the green, brown, purple of the islands against it. This solitude and the beauty of nature just gets you in those moments and takes you out of everything.

The summer boat service is, permitting the weather, available every day except Mondays. Now guess, which day we were there...

There was a short disappointment but somehow it was alright. We sat by the sea, watched the sheep, the birds and the waves, and let our minds wander, soaking in the sun and the serenity.

Just this was the 3 miles walk back home worth it.


  1. I love you Shetland series so much too!
    Good luck with the start of your 52 rolls, 52 weeks projects!

  2. Those views... I'd give anything to see it on my own. Happy New Year to you too. :)

  3. Even its relative isolation, and desolation are spectacularly beautiful! Happy New Year and I look forward to your future posts!

  4. it meene Kleene!
    Dicke Umarmung!

  5. Such a perfect Summer day! I expect it will stay with you forever.

  6. ich glaub', ich hab auch gerade mein Herz verloren :) welchen Film hast du denn hier benutzt?

    1. Freut mich! :)
      Die Fotos hab ich mit meiner Digitalkamera gemacht und dann bearbeitet.