"... I pondered my windward projection"

March 21, 2014

We arrived in Kirkwall in the middle of the night. When we left the ferry station we were prepared to just walk over to our bed&breakfast in 5 minutes because on Google it all had looked very near. Near enough to walk with heavy luggage. We came out of the ferry, the ferry terminal was lit up brightly and we were staring into... complete darkness. Should there be no lights at night in Kirkwall? Nooo. We turned left and right. But we saw no Kirkwall. When we had almost accepted the thought of walking into the night searching for Orkney's capital, we saw a bus waiting. Cheers to well organised Northlink Ferries (in fact all public transport we used on all islands will always be remembered best).
The bus brought us to Kirkwall - we would have slept on the fields if we had tried to walk this... I don't know where the mistake was, but it doesn't matter, we were there. Completely exhausted after this rather exciting North Sea crossing.

Next day we woke up to a new town that waited to be explored!

I have to admit that Kirkwall and me somehow stayed strangers, I don't know why, because it is a really lovely, beautiful town. I think I just had lost my heart to Lerwick and wasn't quite over it, if you know what I mean...

Nevertheless, we liked Kirkwall a lot and it had much to offer for my camera!
Let's take a walk around....

(I so love this picture - this fellow on its way to the "Peedy Pawz" Pet Shop! :))

The pictures are made through the window of our bed&breadfast. I've never never ever seen such a sunset. Pink sunsets will for a long time be connected to our first evening in Kirkwall.

This is what Kirkwall said to us, when we waited for the bus on our departure day.

"And so, in the cold calm of the bus station,
I pondered my windward projection."

For all these things, the stranger Kirkwall will always have a special place in my heart.


  1. Fantastic atmosphere in all of them... but the first photograph is absolutely stunning!

  2. Sieht nach einer gemütlichen Stadt aus. Das Licht ist wunderschön, und die Häuser finde ich sehr nett.

  3. Och my, it's hell on earth! So lovely shoots!

  4. I do so understand leaving your heart in certain places, and then how, somehow, others don't quite match up. Lovely photos though - the sunset is spectacular!

  5. stunning pics. especially the sunsets. mind-blowing!!!

  6. Wow, such a magical place!!

  7. This really is a lovely, beautiful town, as you have described!
    I think the first pic just stole my heart!

  8. You're such an amazing travel photographer, Nancy. Hope you do this for a living!