of smiling sheep and poking ponies

March 02, 2014

Here's a kind of my personal Best-of of those animals, which you will find all over Shetland: sheep and ponies. There are meadows, but you also meet them taking a walk on the street or climbing through old stone houses. They are almost everywhere and they are allowed to. And since they are so free in their movements they aren't really bothered by curious tourists. But if you come too near they turn around. It's like with little children: you are not there when they can't see you!

If I was a sheep, I wanted to be a Shetland sheep!

If you visit the Shetland Islands you will also come across some Shetland Ponies for sure. 
They are only waist-high, but they made it up with loads of self-confidence and a bit of naughtiness ;)

We met a whole gang lingering next to the street when we visited Hermaness.

Unlike the sheep, they are very curious and when they saw us coming, they became instantly interested in us and mainly our bags.
One of them, I think he was the leader of the gang, didn't let us through until he had poked his nose into every bag we had.

Finally he felt our bags where not worth his while and decided to let us pass. Not without following us with a reproachful look for quite some time ...


  1. Toll! Und die kleinen Schwänzchen der Schafe sind so süß.

  2. wow such beautiful pictures! i love those sheep and ponies!!

  3. Adorable indeed! :-) Looks like Shetland and Iceland are not so different after all...

  4. Yep, another adorable from me too! :)

  5. Love the photos - love the sheep! I am reminded of having to stop for sheep in the middle of the road while driving in Ireland many years ago - delightful!

  6. This is all so quaint and quintessential! I've seen Shetland ponies before, but I haven't ever interacted with them that much. I'm really not familiar with sheep, either, but they certainly look at home in these photos, don't they? I'm not sure what would be more fun--staring at all the beautiful and colorful grasses, sky, and sea, or petting all the animals. :) It must be heaven.