The Ring of Brodgar

April 10, 2014

... or "Orcadian Stonehenge".... 

A mysterious 5000 years old stone circle.
It's a very impressive sight when you drive along the wide mainland of Orkney towards these stones, 
whose edged silhouettes poke into the low hanging clouds.

I wish I had more time to capture all these colours: green of the already fading thistles, the purple-blue of the moorland, hints of yellow, shades of red...

Sitting here, watching one of these amazing Orcadian sunsets must be mesmerizing.

Mr Isbister. 1881.

 And you are never really alone. :)


  1. Amazing! They look as though they were dropped from the sky! So enchanting.....

  2. Splendid! Your images make me dream!

  3. The first two comments expressed my sentiments about your photographs so well. Yes, those boulders look like they've indeed dropped from the sky and I want those colours in my dreams.

  4. Stunning place and amazing photography of it!

  5. This place looks amazing and I love those sheep

  6. Very cool! I would love to live somewhere with just mysterious history. I also love the random sheep!

  7. Beautiful... I can imagine taking a stroll there by myself :)