The old men of Hoy II

May 29, 2014

The walk up to the Old Man of Hoy takes you up and along the cliffs with the wind dragging you back and forth. 
The abyss and the infinity of the Ocean on your left, blunt and sweet landscapes on your right. 

I will never tire of such landscapes.


  1. the name of this place reminds me of old council in ancient time,, haha
    wow, the landscape is unbelievable!!!!!! i'd love to rock-climbing there. so cool

  2. I know I always repeat myself, but what is there to say other than magnificent and stunning, while looking at these shot of yours?!

  3. These photos are exquisite. Taking a walk through a place like this must do wonders for the mind. Also, my stomach dropped when I saw there were people absailing up that steep rock, eek!

  4. Wow! No words to describe the beauty!

  5. Your blog is one of the few I never read in Feedly. As soon as I see you've published something new I click on Visit Website. Your photos are so amazing they well deserve a full screen!