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January 06, 2015

166/365 - warped by time and winds

The first half of my 365pictures-project is over - and so far I'm mostly enjoying it. Although I have to admit that the dark season doesn't make it easier. Since most of the days it's already dark when I have time to photograph and I don't fancy going everywhere with a tripod, most of the pictures are shot without one, which does not make the whole thing easier. But on the other hand: it's really amazing what you see and get when you are not in your comfort zone, which for me is landscape and streets. Before I startet this projects, I never really got the hang of taking pictures indoors or making close-ups, but this is changing bit by bit. So, to wrap this up: although, there isn't a good picture every day (of course) and it's sometimes a bit frustrating when there really isn't a satisfactory result, the days when you really see that you learned something new, have an unexpected good outcome or watching yourself develop are so much more rewarding. Having said this: Cheers to the second half, which I hope will be as much fun as the first and which I hope you keep enjoying with me!

154/365 - winter is for developping analogue pictures

156/365 - geometrical symmetry

159/365 - an old lady and a good friend

162/365 - Herrnhuter Stern

165/365 - the simple things

168/365 - home

169/365 - U-Bahn-TV

173/365 - Christmas Concert

175/365 - lamp

176/365 - the Christmas Tree

177/365 - sunset at Christmas Day

183/365 - New Year's Eve


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  1. these are fantastic. I'm still shying away from a photo a day type challenges. I've given myself monthly themes for this year, and the whole year will be dedicated to black & white (not exclusively, obviously). I wonder what I learn along that path...

    1. That's also a great idea! I can't wait to see what you'll make of it!

  2. ich freue mich schon unglaublich auf den zweiten teil - auf ein neues (zweites) :) und bei diesem habe ich mich direkt in das bild mit der lichterkette am fenster verliebt (wow!) und in die farben vom vorletzten bild.

  3. wunderbare, kleine und besondere Momentaufnahmen...dazu fehlt mir selber zur Zeit die Ruhe...aber dafür schaue ich mir Deine Bilder umso lieber ^_^
    ...Katzen zu sehen fällt mir noch ein wenig schwer...mein Grosser ist nach 15 Jahren gestorben...

    1. Ohje, das das schwer ist kann ich nur zu gut verstehen...

  4. Aw! I love these and you've managed to find lights even in the dark season!

  5. So viele Lichtblicke hier auf deinem Blog trotz Dunkelheit. Ich mag deine Bilder, deine Sichtweisen. Wunderbar!

  6. a photo a day is quite a challenge, but i am impressed with your ambition. as you mention though, the great thing about it is how it pushes you out of your comfort zone. if shooting indoors/in low-lighting was difficult for you before, i'd definitely say you've changed - these photos are really stunning.

  7. huhu Nancy.. gesundes Neues :) sagte ich schon, dass ich deine Fotos mag mag mag. hab gerade in deinem flickr hin und her gescrollt und was soll ich sagen.. ich bin hin und weg, wirklich!

    1. Dankeschööön, freut mich sehr, dass Du sie magst! :)

  8. Lovely! Sunset and kitten are my favorites.