July to July // Update February

March 09, 2015

229/365 - Sunday evening

February was short and intense, included a lot of trips and with that also time for reflection and new ideas.
Again, I chose some of my favourites of my everyday-pics to show you here...  Enjoy! :)

237/365 - into the night

222/365 - half hidden

223/365 - how I see my cello

231/365 - traffic

227/365 - through the looking glass

241/365 - on the road

224/365 - portrait

217/365 - Winter in Berlin

236/365 - on the ferry when it rains

239/365 - evening

221/365 - Berlin Cathedral


The whole album is on Flickr: click 

And here are the
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parts of the project so far.


  1. oh and HOW I enjoy - every time you post something all I can do is enjoy your photography ♥

  2. wow, absolutely amazing!!!

  3. February does not have a lot of light and yet you've managed to capture the most magical moment of light ever. Wonderful!

  4. Oh, thank you for the birthday wishes! :) In such light conditions I'm forced to increase the ISO as much as it's tolerable and to use times like 1/50 1/40s. My camera is not good enough to do so, but those photos are taken with Nikon d7100, where taking photos with ISO 1000 looks still very well for me. Noises on my Nikon d3000 with ISO 800 look god damn bad. :) And it's worth to admit that I don't own a tripod, so it's harder sometimes. :D Amazing photos, by the way, I love them!

  5. hach. so schön mal wieder. mehr muss ich gar nicht sagen :) liebe Grüße!

  6. wonderful moments. I particularly like the last one with its light on the top of the church.