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October 01, 2014

70/365 - the lights of Marseille
[the lights of Marseille]

September was my month of summer this year. Of long, hot, humid, lazy days in the sun, with nothing more to do than reading, talking and a random glass of wine. Of flip flops clapping on the cobbles of old french villages. Of warm rain and already fresh nights. It was the month of my birthday and my holidays. Of fresh thoughts, of breaking old habits, making way for new ones. As it is often for me with autumn - when the air gets clearer and the wind gets stronger - it is the feeling of reflection and new beginnings. And those fresh thoughts in autumn seem to come with less pressure, somewhat slower and a bit wiser, than they do in spring.

I took my 365 pictures project with me but in a slimmed version. I took a picture everyday, which is obviously easy when you are in new surroundings, but I didn't upload everyday. Just when I really felt like it.  I connected my camera to my ipad, downloaded the picture I liked, edited it a bit with Afterlight or VSCO and uploaded it to Flickr. It was quite easy, stressless and most important it was fun.

72/365 - "L'amour de soi est une idylle qui ne finit jamais."
[love and the sea]

73/365 - the tree
[can you see the leaf, photobombing my tree picture?]

74/365 - Salon de Thé
[I couldn't leave the Côte d'Azur without taking at least one b/w image - don't ask me why...]

83/365 - Nature's pattern
[I love palm trees. I would stand in front of people's houses, admiring the palms, the lemons, the oranges. I know it's nothing special for them, like it's not special here to have an apple tree in the garden. But I find it really fascinating to have a lemon tree in front of your window.]

78/365 - sous le soleil
[wine and words]

75/365 - Evening
[soft colours in the evenings]

82/365 - Peperoncini
[A short trip to Italy which was bright and loud and colourful and amazing. And everything they said sounded like something delicious to eat. Everything.]

88/365 - back in Berlin
[Berlin, charming as ever, said hello with a rainy, cold autumn night.]

91/365 - squirrel encounter
[I met a squirrel. It lost its nut and blamed me... ]

92/365 - analogue adventures
[and there was a birthday gift]


The whole album is on Flickr: click 

And here are the
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parts of the project so far.


  1. Von deinen Frankreichbildern war ich schon auf instagram begeistert. Und hier wieder. :)
    Das letzte Bild ist genial. Und das Geschenk auch. :)

  2. Great series !!! By the way I really liked that book (great also the reflexion in that glass !) :)

  3. I must say I really kind of missed your photos and now I'm glad you are back :) (but of course I hope that you spent wonderful days wherever you were!)
    I absolutely love the first, 9th and last picture.

  4. Ooooh wie geil!!!! Du hast eine Mamiya 6x6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wie aufregend...ich warte mit voller Spannung auf die Bilder damit!!!
    Leider benutze ich meine Pentax 6x7 nicht mehr...eher selten...nur Arbeit...wenig Kunst.

  5. You don't understand how much I'm in love with your photography. Seriously, I could spend my whole day browsing through your blog (I haven't been here in way too long!). Jx

  6. The last picture.. I have no words to say how much I love it.