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//picture by Marcus Fröhner Photography - a wonderful colleague from Leipzig//

Hi there!

My name is Nancy, I'm a portrait, travel and wedding photographer based in Berlin. My real passion for photography started some years ago, while travelling through India, with a little pink Panasonic Lumix (more about it here). As most photographers, I started with landscapes. I also explored old techniques like collodion photography (click) - and I'm still hooked on analogue photography as you can see in my series "analogue friday". It's not a regular series but every now and then, on a friday, I post a roll of film and share my love for the unpredictable beauty of analogue photography. Here you can find out more about the analogue friday: click.

Bit by bit I started to photograph people and also weddings. It was a completely new experience, more dynamic, more difficult, more stressful - but at the same time for me also more rewarding. The magic of a portrait, a face frozen in time, or the whimsical smiles of a bridal couple during the ceremony...  Priceless! You can find my wedding photography via http://www.silberundgold.photo and for a look into my general portfolio, please visit http:www.nancyjesse.com

On this blog I share the stories and tales of my travels, wanderings and projects and my love for analogue photography. It's an album, a playground, a diary, a get-together.

I'm always interested in new ideas, work and projects, so let me hear from you!
I'm also available for weddings and portrait shoots worldwide, so don't hesitate to contact me about options and prices!

Cheers, Nancy

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  1. Hallo Nancy
    Schöne Bilder im Blog.


  2. Hi Nancy,

    I came to your blog from one of the analogue FB groups, really enjoyed browsing your images and was especially struck by the images in your 'Analogue Friday' feature. The wallpaper calendar is a very nice idea