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June 09, 2015

332/365 - and then it was SUMMER <3

And then it was finally summer!

Berlin is so beautiful on these long evenings where you can sit in a café, on a lake, in a park or on your balcony and have a cold white wine, talking the hours away in good company. It has always been my favourite season to be in Berlin. The city is a bit more relaxed and slower now and especially in the long vacations in July and August. That's why I rather choose to go on holiday before or after the Berlin summer. And that's what I did in May! I went to Norderney, a beautiful island in the Northwest of Germany. And - inspired by the ocean - I started to take windsurfing lessons when I was back home. One day I will buy my camera a waterproof thing and take her with me on the Wannsee, but before that I have to be able to stay on the board and get not blown away with the wind... 

As you can see my May was a bit water-weather-related :) Here are my favourites of this month - only one to go with my 365pictures project - whohooo!

317/365 - Berlin <3

331/365 - selfie in a frame

307/365 - hydrangea love

328/365 - weeping angels

330/365 - behind the curtain

326/365 - on the terrace

333/365 - Saturday morning at the Wannsee

313/365 - Spatzenbaden

309/365 - Symmetry

308/365 - before the thunderstorm

322/365 - fancy a swim?

324/365 - me by the sea


The whole album is on Flickr: click 

And here are the
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  1. Hey, ich folge deinem Blog schon lange, habe aber noch nie einen Kommntar da gelassen, warum auch immer... Ich dachte mir, ich hole das hiermit mal nach! Ich liebe deine Bilder und besonders die Monatsrückblicke finde ich super! aus diesem Post gefällt mir das zweite Foto, das letzte und das mit den süßen Spatzen am Besten, aber alle sind toll!
    Ich habe auch einen Monatsrückblick gepostet, vielleicht hast du ja Lust, vorbeizuschauen :)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Maybrit von Kopfchaos

  2. beautiful, indeed... ich mag deine Monatsrueckblicke auch sehr gern :)

  3. Die Fotos sind wirklich allesamt wunderschön.
    Am allerliebsten mag ich die letzten 5 :) Der dunkle Himmel auf den
    beiden Bildern ist der Hammer und die weite des Strandes finde ich auch faszinierend!

    Liebe Grüße

  4. ich kann gar nicht genug von diesen sommerlichen bildern kriegen♥

  5. The first sky photo is amazing. Others are also, but this one is really amazing.

  6. Lovely photos, tree lined streets are so pretty, my fave!

  7. Smells like summer, I missed it :D

  8. Wonderful, wonderful photos! Your side view is lovely!

  9. the stormy day photos are breathtaking <3

  10. I don't know.... maybe it's just me... but I think your photography skills got so much better. Love the angles you choose. Beautiful!