An October wedding

November 26, 2015

This post is dedicated to a very special event that happened in October. I had the chance to assist a very lovely collegue Auralumina Photography in photographing a wedding in Leipzig. I've never photographed one before and I only ever was guest at one before - I'm really not very experienced when it comes to weddings. So I checked my equipment, cleaned the lenses, charged the batteries, checked the batteries, checked the memory cards, got extra memory cards, made sure that the memory cards weren't full, made sure the memory card was actually in the camera, made sure the camera would give me a warning if it weren't, and hundreds of other things for a hundreds of times. I may be slightly obsessed with checking (I'm that kind of human that everytime has to go back to check if the iron is not plugged in. every. time. ). I can tell you, I was very, very nervous. But all was forgotten, when the wedding actually started. The location was beautiful and the bride and groom, a British-German combo that defied the grey sky with beauty and smiles, was surrounded by a warm-hearted, good-humoured family.

When I look at the photos I can go back to this day and feel the tension when the doors opened for the bride, the bright-eyed groom taking her hand, the emotions during the ceremony, hear the cheers when the bride and groom came out of the building, jingling champagne glasses, the laughter, the stories, the cheerfulness... And this is what is so special about wedding photos, they hold the memories of a moment that cannot be recreated but which you want to hold dear forever.


I wish you both a lifetime full of love and happiness! ♥


  1. Nancy, these photographs are incredible. Incredibly beautiful. I love how you've focused on small, intimate details which add up in each successive picture to create a body of sublime and memorable images.

  2. Oh Nancy, da sind ein par MEGA Fotos dabei, ich bin schwer angetan (wie so oft bei Deinen Bildern): Das vierte natürlich, das siebte mit dem kleinen Kind - wunderbar, und das 8. und 9. - die Art, wie Du die Details "ankratzt". Das drittletzte - Knaller für Deine Eigenwerbung, weil sich da jede/r drin sieht. Toll und anders. <3
    LG /inka

  3. Incredible photos! Autumn wedding is something really beautiful :)

  4. Truly beautiful and delicate wedding photos, Nancy!

  5. Stunning photos - and you are so right - revisiting pictures can evoke the same feelings as when they were taken.