Evening Rain in Spring

April 12, 2012

Can you smell it?

Rain II by little pink cakes (littlepinkcakes) on 500px.com

Rain I by little pink cakes (littlepinkcakes) on 500px.com


  1. mal jetzt ganz ehrlich: wie toll sind die Bilder?!!!!! Das letzte ist unfassbar great!!!!!

    1. Danke! Freut mich, dass sie Dir gefallen! Und schön mal wieder von Dir zu lesen - freu mich schon auf Deine neuen Bilder!

  2. I had gotten so used to seeing Sandra Juto's bold interpretations of Berlin in her blog pictures, therefore it is so nice to see a different perspective of the city through your eyes. Your pictures are like paintings from a different age. They are poetic, romantic and very beautiful. It is a pleasure to go through them. I like them all :)