Before the rain

May 17, 2012

Berlin sky, yesterday afternoon.

Rain by little pink cakes (littlepinkcakes) on

Before the rain by little pink cakes (littlepinkcakes) on

I shot them in RAW, so I could add a lot of drama afterwards...


  1. there is nothing more to say:
    I I I I LOVE LOVE LOVE your PICS!!!!!!!

  2. wow, love those dramatic skys, fabulous:)
    P.S I love that film Withnail and I, I went to visit the house used in the film a couple of years ago, it's halfway up a mountain on the east side of the Lake District with no road access so it was a bit of a hike and very run down when we got there.

    1. Withnail and I - an all-time favourite ... I can watch it over and over again. Not only because of Paul McGann :)

      You have been to the cottage?! How cool is that! I always wanted to see this old cottage - last year, I heard that they wanted to sell it. Don't know if that is true but maybe one day I can visit it... Before it is too rotten, hopefully.

    2. Oh, then I hope the new owner is also a W&I-Fan, so that he/she knows what they own and not destroy it...

      Would be really interesting if you could have a look some day to find out what they made out of it. But in any case: I would LOVE to see the pictures you took a while ago! Looking very forward to it and keeping my fingers crossed that you find them :) Thanks so much in advance, this is really cool! PS: I love the Internet ;)

  3. Wow, these are spectacularly theatrical! I really really them.

  4. They are indeed very dramatic….wonderful!
    Thank you so much for your kind words, and you expressed them very well!
    Also, thank you for your comments before about my blog, I love the balance on yours…which template did you use?
    Have a great weekend x

    1. Hi Suzie! The template is actually only the "Simple" template by Blogger. I think "balanced" is one of the highest compliments for a layout - at least it's what I intended :) So thank you very much!

      Have a great weekend, too!
      Greetings to France!