May 07, 2012

This time: the Teufelsberg - literally translates as the devil's mountain ...

A - relatively - short march leads you to one of the highest views over Berlin's rooftops. For free. Both the march and the view.

Even before the actual goal of the tour upwards, some sights cross your view. Here is one of them, a Le Corbusier house:

From there it is only a short walk to the peak. Although walking this way you feel almost left alone in the world...

Here is one of the first views we've got after crossing this hill:

In the background is one of the American leftovers in Berlin - a very, very large listening station. This was when I actually remembered I was standing on more than 20 million cubic metres wreckage left by WWII. No need to mention that this place makes you think.

But it is also kind of a nice feeling, that today there were kites flying instead of spy gadgets while the old war relicts rot and hopefully will do forever.

Sadly, the weather was not as good as we've hoped for, but the green spring trees gave their best to cheer us up.

In this picture I really liked the contrast between the decaying cold war monument and the meadows in bloom.


And finally: Looking at Berlin!

Everything seems smaller - both in reality and figuratively. Leaving you pensive.

And by the way: if you asked why the Teufelsberg is named Teufelsberg you will be told that this is because of the near Teufelssee (devil's lake) - which will leave you none the wiser...

But over there you will get some more information about the Teufelsberg and the Le Corbusier house.

OK, and for those who are still here - a little "round-up" :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Danke für diese Geschichte...nein, dass ich hier mit durfte! Es kam mir vor, als hätte ich gemerkt, wie sich das Wetter ändert und hab den Wind in den Haaren gespürt...ganz ganz toll!!
    Ein Teil Deines Geschehens so zu zeigen, steht Dir gut ^_^ und macht Spass! Wunderbare Windspiele aufgenommen, das Wetter super ohne Verfälschung eingefangen (trotz Nachbearbeitung)...man ich freu mich schon auf die nächsten Bilder und Geschichten!!!

  2. Die Bilder gefallen mir sehr gut! :)
    Besonders das letzte ist richtig gut gelungen.

  3. Love that you are able to capture and display the difference that decades can make. Let's hope that we are all wiser.