Change of weather causes change of plan {travelogue #8}

July 11, 2012

Instead of going to the beach we decided to take a train to Cannes  when the forecast predicted unfavourable weather. At first we thought it a mistake, especially as we didn’t bring our bathing togs. The skies were blue and it was sizzling hot. But then very, very quickly it changes: the sky was overcast and strong wind began to blow – making the scenery even more rewarding to the photographer!

Unlike St Tropez which made us a little uncomfortable, in Cannes we felt at home immediately.
Such a beautiful and vibrant town!


Don't be distracted by all the sunshine and beauty - also take a look into the little corners :)

Brave little people. We wouldn't have dared. Brrr.


  1. Once again - gorgeous. The blue chairs and yellow umbrellas are my favorite!

  2. Wonderful quality of photos :D
    its yours ?

  3. Great pics!

  4. Stunning pics! they should be pieces of art work!! REally talented photographer!! COuld you please consider following each other? Twitter: @shineonbyandrea Instagram:shineonbyandrea (Pretty creative with the names huh? ;) )

  5. Ach wie schöne Bilder du in Cannes gemacht hast! Ich geh jedes Jahr nach Cannes, da meine Eltern dort eine kleine Ferienwohnung haben, und ich sie immer dort im Mai besuche. So schöne Strand Bilder hab ich aber noch nicht gemacht, ich konzentriere mich immer eher auf den Markt Forville, wart du da schon?
    Ganz liebe Grüße!