Like a Fairy Tale {travelogue #7}

July 05, 2012

Most of the time we stayed in Saint Raphael - a small town a little bit offside the strongholds like Cannes, St Tropez or even Nice. At least the tourists - apart from us - had not arrived yet so the atmosphere was kind of enchanted.

We loved this little isle in the middle of the (almost nonexistent) traffic. We shot it a hundred times because it was so beautiful. It's interesting, what can be beautiful, isn't it?

As mentioned, we visited this little town before its touristic height - so we had the whole town for us. Almost.

And this is a little bit experimental, but I could not leave it out here. It was the view from our balcony one evening. It captivated me so much.


  1. Uff!!! #
    Grandios wie Du die kleinen Schönheiten des Bildes...des Lebens siehst und es immer wieder zu was fantastischen komponierst!!!! Wahrscheinlich denkst Du, die schreibt ja wieder nur so...ABER DAS IST SO!!!!!
    WUNDERSCHÖN!!!! Ich packe morgen mein Blog ein ^_*
    Langsam kann ich nicht mehr mithalten. Ich freu mich soooooo über Deine Entwicklung hier. Die Bilder werden besser, die Bearbeitungen toller und Dein Auge raffinierter!!!
    Ich freue mich über Deinen Blog und Dein Auge!!!!

  2. Das sind wunderbare Aufnahmen - klasse Eindrücke! Mag ich sehr!

  3. What a lovely little town and awesome photos. The one with the seagull, along with the caption, made me laugh ;)

  4. WOW amazing pictures - I especially love the one with the carrousel and the seagull :)
    have a sunny day