Lyon by Day [travelogue #9]

July 17, 2012

Lyon is one of the most beautiful cities we've been to so far. There are so many different faces to this city. For instance, there is the old part, Vieux Lyon, with its centuries old Traboules. Those Traboules were used to store the silk fabrics and grant safe passage from one street to the other when it rained. Today they make this part of town a playground for explorers, tourists and inhabitants alike. You can get lost for hours while exploring all those sometimes dark, hidden and labyrinthine alleys.

Such steep stairs you will also find everywhere there. Often they will reward the tired pedestrian with a wonderful view across the rooftops. But then every so often they just lead to more stairs... :)

 While walking through the city, you can find a lot of evidence that the Lyonnaises seem to know how to savour the good things in life: 
A comfy place in the shade when the sun is at its peak.

Boules. As most French do, of course.

Culture and contemplation.

The really  important things in life. And Backgammon.

Thank you, Lyon, for showing us your wonderful faces and facades.

We can't wait to be back.


  1. wunderbare, zauberhafte und echte bilder

  2. Lyon is a great city. And the restaurants are amazing. Did you have some good meals there? Love that last photo!

    1. Unfortunately, as a vegetarian, it is a kind of a quest - it was almost impossible to get something without meat, they love their sausages and often seem to be a little disappointed if you don't do as well ;)

      But nevertheless, as often as I found something vegetarian, it was great! For instance, I can't live without Tapenade anymore ...

  3. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I particularly love the sign "Cassoulet, Whisky, Ping-Pong"!

  4. these are incredible. i love seeing the city through your eyes.

    i love that the resting spot was an old sewing machine. those little details are where it's at. : )

    thanks for sharing these.

  5. I love this place all photos are very nice