Once upon a time

August 30, 2012

... there was a prince. And this prince was curious. So he travelled as far as his coaches would take him to see the world and learn things he didn't know. To use them wisely for his little kingdom. So he brought home knowledge about things like embanking, gardening and agriculture. But he knew that most of his people would never be able to travel as he did and see the things he had seen. So he brought these things home and built himself and his people a garden. With vineyards and labyrinths and ancient temples. Where they could stroll and live and see how the world may look, far away. And he wanted them also to learn the things he had learnt in the far away countries, about nature, about its forces and its faces.

The prince often visited a friend who lived at the foot of the Vesuvius and he was deeply fascinated by this mountain. Not only because his kingdom was a lowland but also because he felt the power of nature there more deeply than he ever had. He decided to bring it to his people, too. So he built a miniature Vesuvius in his wide garden. A mountain in the lowland which was able to breathe fire. And every now and then he gathered his people and inflamed the brushwood at the top of his mountain.

Basically this is a true story.

If you want to know more about the prince and his garden, here is a more modern approach: click and click


  1. Aaaaaaahhhh, wie geil!!!!!
    Hast aus ein "normal-langweiliges" Foto sensationel märchenhafte Bilder gemacht!!!
    Das ganze in einem Traum umgewandelt, uns auf die Reise mitgenommen, uns entführt, uns grosse Augen machen lassen, die Luft knistern hören...ahhh, toll toll toll!!!!!

  2. How completely gorgeous! Having never heard of Wörlitz, I enjoyed reading about it - I really must try to travel to Germany at some point!

  3. Your photographs illustrate a fascinating story. I especially like the first and the last pictures. They are so beautiful they seem unreal. Imagination come to life. Perhaps this is what the enchanted landscapes in fairytales really looked like?

  4. This is amazing - I absolutely love this story and the pictures :)
    Thanks for sharing, and have a sunny day