Analogue France Snappies {travelogue 10}

September 04, 2012

As I mentioned some time ago, I'm also trying to photograph with an analogue camera. Unfortunately, the outcome of the film back then was not even worth the thought of a post ...

But this didn't keep me from running through France with two cameras dangling around my neck: the analogue one borrowed from a friend of mine and - as you have already seen prove of - my digital love. 

So this is a reprise of our French holiday, my analogue try to show summer's beauty.


  1. schön! einfach nur schön! Und Du beweist jedesmal Auge!

  2. I know I already commented on another one of your posts, but I just have to here as well. I am STUNNED by these last few photos. Oh, God, how I want an analog. :) :) Think I'll be following you from now on. I don't doubt that I will always have something wonderful and pretty to look at.