Analogue France Detail Snappies {travelogue 11}

September 05, 2012


  1. oh ich liebe solche detailfotos!

  2. tolle bilder.
    ich liebe das mit dem cinema schild, so retro :D
    würde auch einen tollen hintergrund für den bildschirm abgeben.

    liebe grüße anne
    Lichtzirkus Photographie

  3. Dankeschön! Freut mich, dass die Bilder Euch gefallen!

  4. Love the lace curtains with the dogs on them!

  5. It's very interesting to see your film photography! I would love to know how different you found the experience, what was the camera/film too? Also, it does look as if you've post-edited these…have you done a bit of tweaking?
    I hope you are encouraged by these to take some more analog pictures!

    1. Hi Suzie! First of all: yes, indeed, I will definitely try to take more analog pictures! Although, I found it quite different from taking digital pictures. What I found especially challenging was that I couldn't see the results until after the holidays. With the digital pictures: when I scrolled through them I could instantly see if my adjustments brought me to the results I wanted. With the analog camera I was somehow "blind" - so I had to trust my adjustments a lot more and it is more experimenting in its literal sense. But that is also why, somehow, I thought more about the things inherent to photography like ISO and shutter and aperture, than I do when taking digital pictures - which is natural, because the analog ones cannot be deleted again... So at the end, it brought me nearer to photography.
      And although, they didn't all worked out, as I had imagined, they mean much to me, and make me want to try it again and again.

      Difficult to describe, though...

      I shot with an old camera which belonged to the grandpa of a friend of mine - it is a Fujifilm SP-3000 (at least the EXIF-Data told me so :) ) and the first thing it taught me after picking the pictures up was that, in my opinion, I used a film which had too much ISO for the bright light of southern France (400)...

      And yes, I did a little bit of editing afterwards, not much though, because somehow editing analog pictures in Photoshop is for me a little bit like disturbing them, if you know what I mean. So I just adjusted the colours and the lights a bit - things I can hopefully easily do with the camera itself when I am more experienced, I think. And since I am a colour-addict, I wanted them to be brighter. But as I mentioned, Photoshop and analog somehow don't go together for me - maybe some day I will be able to learn how to adjust them in the laboratory... or to shoot them correctly in the first place :)

      Much to learn and much to do - but it is also so much fun!

      Thank you for your comment!

  6. huhu :) bin grad über ein paar ecken hier bei dir gelandet und lass mich gleich hier nieder ;) deine bilder gefallen mir seeeeehr :)

    glg aus wien!

  7. I love your composition, the top photo with the dog curtain is wonderful

  8. Such stunningly awe inspiring images,

    Thank you for sharing!

    Bestest etc