Königliche Gartenakademie {1}

November 30, 2012

In the pretty Berlin district Dahlem next to the Botanic Garden you can find the Königliche Gartenakademie (Royal Garden Academy). Although I am usually not very much into gardening, it is a beautiful spot to take pictures. They have an outdoor area full of trees and flower pots as well as some old, restored hothouses where they sell not only plants and seeds but also all kinds of handicrafts and decoration and kitsch. Just wait for part {2} for pictures of the Christmas stuff inside.... 

But even without a camera, you easily forget the time there... 

And with all the flowers gone and just some spots of bright red left, the outside place has an almost enchanted atmosphere.

If you are interested in the Königliche Gartenakademie, you can find their website here.


  1. all your photos are amazing!


  2. Aaaahhh...Du kannst das einfach! ^_^
    Ich sporne Dich aber wieder a Menschen aufzunehmen...ich weiss, dass Du das super machen wirst...ich wünsch mir es ^_^

  3. gorgeous how the reds really pop!

  4. How beautiful! Those red berries have the stage to themselves!