The Brothers Grimm's

December 21, 2012

... fairy tales were 200 years old yesterday. 

At some points, I felt, as if Dresden inherited a distinct "Grimm'sche" atmosphere...

Especially after the Christmas markets have closed...


  1. MÄRCHENHAFT, sagenhaft, fantastisch, im Ernst!!!
    Besonders die ersten 6 Bilder - WAHNSINN!!!
    Du hast mich wieder zauberhaft berührt...
    Wünsche Dir wunderschöne Weihnachtstage und einen grandiosen Start ins neue Jahr Kleines!

  2. Ahhh! This is so fairy-tale esque. Wow. The tones and everything in these photos definitely portray that atmosphere. Sheesh. I love all of them, though. I kept scrolling up and down. I always returned to the first photo, the mysterious blue-ish city behind/past the arch. I also kept staring at the second photo, the one with the woman in the cloak. I so desperately want her to turn around. ... but that's just it. I'm mesmerized by it because I know that is never going to happen. ;)

  3. My God! Just look at these pictures. I wish there were more. I love the atmosphere in these pictures, especially the first and the third ones.

  4. Very haunting photos! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!