63rd Berlinale {1}

February 04, 2013

For a few years now, the Berlinale has been an integral part of my personal events-during-the-year-anticipation-list. Especially because I absolutely love films and cinemas, but also because of this festival's atmosphere. It's an audience's festival and the whole Potsdamer Platz (where the centre of the festival is) will be humming from all the film enthusiasts rushing to and fro for the next two weeks. It's also about sharing a passion with the like-minded: after taking part for a few years, there are people you meet time and again but only at the Berlinale.

It will mean making time tables, sitting whole days in cinemas, getting not enough sleep, hurrying to the next cinema, living out of a bag, getting too much coffee and wine and not enough decent food and sunlight. But it will also mean travels all over the world, anticipation, pictures, ideas, stories, excitement, wonder, languages, places you had never even heard of ...  It's a tense and exhausting spectacle but I would not like to miss it. 

And today was the day the ticket counters opened again!

So, my idea is, to take you with me a little by posting some pictures and telling you about it every day. If you don't mind. But don't worry - it will all be over in two weeks :)

PS: For more pictures of the Berlinale you can also follow the @instantcookie on Instagram - who is also a film buff!


  1. Looking forward to hearing/seeing about it! Have a fabulous time!

  2. Ja, bitte mehr. Ich war noch nie auf der Berlinale und komme wahrscheinlich auch nicht so schnell hin. Leider. Welche Filme wirst du sehen?

    1. Als allererstes den Eröffnungsfilm von Wong Kar Wai - auf den bin ich schon ganz hibbelig :)
      Naja, und dann querbeet, viele asiatische, ein paar Dokus. "Elle s'en va" mit Catherine Deneuve würde mich auch sehr reizen, aber der kommt sicher ins Kino danach. Einer, den ich unbedingt sehen will, ist ein Kinderfilm mit Isabella Rosselini "Nono, Het Zigzag Kind", da bin ich sehr gespannt drauf. Ich werde berichten :)

    2. Deine Berichte sind sehr interessant. Das lockt, auch mal zur Berlinale nach Berlin zu reisen. Und die Bilder tun ihr übriges. :)

  3. This sounds wonderful! And I love your "events-during-the-year-anticipation-list"! Have a wonderful time and i will look forward to your posts!

  4. uhh, i hate making lines and that one is veeeery long. Enjoy your weeks though and I will look forward to more about them :)