Saturday Walk

March 18, 2013

Actually we only wanted to visit the weekly market at the Maybach-Ufer in Berlin, Kreuzberg where you can find great drapery at reasonable prices.

But we were way too early for the market...time for breakfast!

Or to sneak into some of Berlin's Hinterhöfe ...

and wall paintings.

Berlin's East side Gallery on the right with relics of the Wall.

And what started as a simple market visit became a seven hours stroll through Kreuzberg. The sky was blue and the sun was shining and though it was freezing cold, we walked and walked and walked and just enjoyed the rare Berlin sunshine.


  1. I don't like city life much but I like the way you make the city look through your lens.

  2. wow what fantastic nice colors.

  3. Sehr schön! Besonders gefällt mir die Wandmalerei mit den Büchern.

  4. Lovely images, as always. Thank you so much for this photo tour of that part of town. I love it. I liked the photo where the light post and the tower and the other building are all parallel. That's very lovely framing. And the colors of the cranes and the bridge? Those stick with me as well. I do hope you were able to get back to the market and pick out something!

    1. Thank you, Dawn! Yes, we went back to the market and were not disappointed. They had gorgeous drapery and I bought 2 metres of a green, polka-dotted one... could have bought tons more :)

  5. I love these kind of 'deserted streets' shots ~ and the morning sun with the snow makes for beautiful light.

  6. Lovely, magnificent colors! I love the empty market stalls, and particularly like the painting with the stack of books.

  7. Tolle Bilder vom wunderschönen Berlin :)