Back to the 1920's!

April 09, 2013

Last Friday, the Berlin Film Society invited everyone to a screening of "Der Blaue Engel" ("The Blue Angel") in a very special location: an abandoned 1920's silent cinema. When we heard of this event there was no question: we had to go there. So off we went to the North of Berlin. The "Delphi" - as the cinema was called - had its heyday in the 1920's/30's and was shut down in the late 1950’s. For all this time, this sleeping beauty has remained rather unaffected by the decades passing by and the city life around it. But every now and then it is opened for an event - as last weekend.

From the outside it is a rather unremarkable concrete block, but when we entered it was like time travel. As if we fell through a hole in time right back into Berlin’s golden 20’s. Some people came in themed attire, there was dancing, absinthe, and of course the wonderful Marlene Dietrich film.
Hach, what a night!
Of course, I took my camera with me, to bring you some pictures:

Here's more information about the Delphi: click And here for more pictures from the evening on the Berlin Film Society's Facebook page: click


  1. Absolutely stunning photos! Time travel indeed!

  2. durch die Bilder war ich mit dabei, wie schön. Danke!!! ^_^

  3. wow, please tell me they are not tearing it down... fab pics!!!

    1. No, I don't think so - and I hope, too, they won't! It's located a bit away from the hotspots so I think it's safe for now ...

  4. oh wow, what a location, I love these!

  5. wow, what an awesome place! gorgeous photos :)

  6. A gorgeous, evocative atmosphere; it must have been a fabulous evening ~ absinthe & Dietrich, what more could you need?