Summer in Berlin {analogue}

July 18, 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to share a studio with some others. It has a small dark room, where I trained to develop negatives and make prints. So at the moment I am learning and experimenting a lot with analogue photography especially large format - but that's another story ... :)

Anyway, what this post is about, is my way to the studio. I often went there after work when the early summer evenings began. Since the weather here in Berlin has been wonderful lately (really like you imagine a summer in Berlin - people everywhere, colours, barbecue smells, glasses clanging, the smell of water, the chopping of the Spree ...) I often went by bike, to not miss one bit of the sunshine and the atmosphere. The way I took was actually longer but much more to see and to marvel - around the Victory column, through the Tiergarten, along the Spree with its pelasure boats, the new government district, underneath the Berlin Main Station's railtracks and along the former Berlin Wall (which now has a bycicle path next to it, as a memorial way, so that you can cycle along the whole Berlin Wall).

I tried to capture this wonderful feeling of cycling through a lively city on a warm summer evening ...

Pictures taken with: RevueFlex SD I


  1. These are lovely ... there really is just something special about film, isn't there? :)

  2. Ahh! Analog photos. I love them all. It's good to be here and to "see" you again. That first photo is probably my favorite. It has the FEEL of summer. The warmth, the sun, the blur of water and heat. The people outside, doing things that can only be done that time of year. I love how green things seem there. I adore that weeping willow, too, but am also a fan of the photo with the sun flare. That screams "summer" as well.

  3. What wonderful shots! the color and light is marvelous. How nice that there are bicycle paths - I always feel so much safer on them than the street.

  4. Das sind allesamt wunderschöne Fotos. Klasse, wie du die analogen Fotos entwickelt hast. Perfekt für mich das Bild mit der Brücke und der Sonne. Fand ich bereits auf instagram superschön.

    1. Hi Kristin! Freut mich, dass sie Dir gefallen! Die Fotos hab ich allerdings nicht selbst entwickelt, sondern ganz normal im Fotoladen abgegeben - so ausgefeilt sind meine Dunkelkammerkünste dann doch noch nicht :)

  5. Da mache ich ne Pause und verpasse so schöne Bilder!!!
    Lustig, ich habe auch eine Schifffahrt durch Berlin gemacht.
    Schön ist zu sehen, dass Du mehr auf Analog gehst und das Handwerk erlernst!!!!!
    Ich freu mich und bin auf weitere Entwicklungen und Bilder mehr als gespannt!!!

  6. What a wonerful series. I really like the colors :-)

  7. Lovely lovely photos. I really want to visit Berlin soon. It's one of my favorite cities in the world!