Holyrood Palace

November 04, 2013

Colours! When I think about the gardens behind the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the pictures in my head look like this: colours popping, mega contrasts and yellow and green. And the unusual warmth of the Scottish summer this year. The stones, which are not used to the sunlight, soaking it in as if to save it for the next years. The lawn looking as if they fertilise it with neon.

This is what my memories of the Palace of Holyroodhouse look like.


  1. Yet another magnificent building against such an intensely beautiful sky - oh, I would have loved to be there!
    Thanks for sharing these, Nancy!

  2. stunning pics. and they bring back fun memories!!

  3. Oh my. Those are breathtaking! What a gorgeous building and location. I so badly dream of visiting Scotland someday!

  4. WUNDERBAR Kleines!!!!
    Ja, ich schwelge in Erinnerungen!

  5. Beautiful - and yes - I do imagine those old stones storing the sun for those long, gray days!