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November 03, 2014

114/365 - into the rain

Although I chose the raindrops picture to open this post (because it's my favourite from this month), October was everything but rainy or grey. It was a real golden October here in Berlin, almost to warm for this kind of month. For my 365pictures project this month was therefor a very easy-going one. With all these beauties lying in the streets, you can imagine, I needed not search for a picture very long. And I developped a kind of autumn leaves obsession...

Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful November!

113/365 - dead leaf

108/365 - Martin-Gropius-Bau

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94/365 - autumn

115/365 - room with a view

121/365 - Monolith

100/365 - colours in the rain

96/365 - the leaves are falling

97/365 - Panta rhei

111/365 - a Sunday stroll through Berlin

118/365 - winter is coming

119/365 - sunset


The whole album is on Flickr: click 

And here are the
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  1. Andreas Böttger3 November 2014 at 20:36

    Es duftet nach klarer, kühler Luft, nach Laub, feuchter Erde, Moos, nassem Holz und nach weichen kühlen Waldboden. Voll schön die Fotos und ein tolles Projekt :-)

  2. gorgeous photographs- what rich color!

  3. You have outdone yourself! Beautiful photos.

  4. Your autumn pictures are gorgeous. I enjoyed looking at them.
    Started following you on Flickr as well.

  5. i'm a sucker for a good rainy day and i love the on-the-ground perspective of those lovely leaves. and those red berries - oh!

  6. amazing. I love your style of photography!

  7. wow, ich habe die bilder ja bereits bei flickr gesehen und war schon da total begeistert - besonders von den ersten! ich hoffe auch du hast einen wunderbaren november :)

  8. Herrlich! Ich bin bekennender Herbstfan. Und deine Bilder zeigen genau das, was ich fühle. Die Farben sind herrlich.

    Liebe Grüße aus dem vernebelten Bayern

    P.S. Du benutzt vsco?

    1. Das vernebelte Bayern klingt aber auch nach guten Fotos ;) Nein, vsco benutz ich nicht bzw. hab es nur ein-zwei-Mal auf dem Handy für Instagram ausprobiert. Die Bilder bearbeite ich in Photoshop, vor allem mit Kanälen und Gradiationskurven. Liebe Grüße in die Berge!

  9. These are gorgeous! And I absolutely love the first one!

  10. This is so beautiful! Now I just want to wrap myself in a blanket with a hot cup of tea in my hands :)

  11. Wonderful images! I visited Berlin in September but would love to see it in October next year!

  12. That sunset, holy moly. And I love the shot of the raindrops in the puddle! Everything is so colorful, you are so talented, gosh.