Winter Colours // Sacrow

January 20, 2016

There are these winter days when you just want to put on an extra layer of clothes and get out into the freezing sunshine, listen to the ice crackling and the dry snow crunching under your boots while you wander around with red cheeks and a cold nose. Yesterday was such a day. A day to take the camera and a friend and get out of Berlin. We decided to visit Sacrow, a village near Potsdam that has a little park and in it a beautiful small church built in Italian style at the banks of the river Havel. Due to the freezing cold we were the almost only visitors and the whole place was absorbed in the calmness of winter. 


  1. Wunderschöne Aufnahmen! ich bin ja ein großer Fan von Spontanausflügen an scheinbar unbekannte Orte. bei uns gabs gestern auch Sonne pur - das Filmchen ist gerade auf dem Weg ins Labor :)

  2. your walk seems to have been beautiful, I do not know what photos would be my favorite because they are all wonderful ! ...

  3. I missed this post. All the pictures here are in shades of three colours - blue, white and ochre. What an amazing world.
    Oh and freezing sunshine, don't I know all about it!