analogue friday - portra 800 expired or berlin love

February 26, 2016

Some weeks ago I showed you pictures I took with the analogue film Portra 800. Now I had a Portra 800 in my camera again, but one that was expired since 11/2015. It's interesting to see the difference between the "normal" one (here), that was not expired, and the expired one that I show you today. I love the yellowish basis of it, I think some almost look cross processed.

For those of you that are not interested in this analogue nerdiness, I hope you enjoy these glimpses of Berlin in February nevertheless. :-)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I come again me even a week in berlin, and it's a wonderful city, artistically magical !
    this moving city and i like this, I promised myself to come back!
    your pictures are incredibly beautiful with the expired portra, I prefer that!

  2. Oh, those colours. I love it!

  3. freitags analog mag ich. vor allem die Straßen- und U-Bahn sind toll. ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob ich einen unterschied zwischen den beiden filmen (abgelaufen/neu) sehe - da muss ich nochmal genau schauen ;) liebste südostliche Grüße!

  4. I'm in love with several of these, especially the light on the first one and the moody atmosphere in number 5. I don't know why the hell I wasn't following you on instagram, but that's been fixed now :)

  5. Oh they're beautiful, so lovely! I've never used expired portra, so I'm totally enjoying the analogue nerdiness :)