U 173 - the colours of the stations

March 16, 2016

I'm really, really, really, really excited, because today is the day that I'm finally ready to show you something that I've been working on quite a while now ...

I have always been a fan of the Berlin underground, undergrounds in general. I think they have their very own atmosphere, their very own aesthetics, which I always found fascinating. This narrowness, this slightly claustrophobic sensation that entering an underground station provokes.  Some day last year, I had the idea to explore this with my camera, to make a series about Berlin's underground stations. About all of them. When I learned that there are 173, I was really surprised - I didn't know there were so many! But that only strengthened my plan - to explore them all. Although it will take me quite some time ... :)

Another part of this idea was not only to "collect" them all and take pictures of them, but to focus especially on their colours. Because they all have colours. One, two, three colours are always on my mind, when I think of one. And I think that's the case with many people. And not only with Berlin stations. Name a station and your mind shows you a colour. The stations all have colours.

And so "U 173" was born: a photographic journey into the colours of Berlin's underground - which I started to photograph some weeks ago. I decided to keep you updated on the blog about the process and show you pictures I took while photographing for the book. The pictures today are from the first three stations I photographed. From the line U1, that connects Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg with Warschauer Brücke in Friedrichshain.

So, bit by bit, you can now come with me on a tour beneath the whole of Berlin over the next months. And in the end, there hopefully will be an illustrated book containing the 173 underground stations of today's Berlin and giving a colourful guide through them.

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I love these and look forward to seeing more :)

  2. you have a wonderful concept here !
    the berlin subway is superb, its achitecture, simplicity, there is so much life and its cleanliness is incomparable !
    I keep a very good souvenir of my visit with some good photos ... I hope haha ...
    your pictures are all very beautiful !! as the # 7 I'm a fan !

    1. Thank you so much! Would love to see your photos - you should show them in your blog!

  3. This is such an awesome project, Nancy! I love the photos and the colourful gif at the top of the post! I'm looking forward to following the rest of the project!

  4. I do love the somewhat hidden gems in large cities. Your photos are great!

  5. I really like your work! Congrats!