Berlin Stories

January 09, 2017

Happy new year, everyone!!!

For my first blogpost in 2017, I chose some of my favourite pictures from last year, which somehow I never got around to show you. In late September, on a really warm autumn evening I met with Viktoria, a model based in Leipzig. She was for work in Berlin, so we decided to meet for a spontaneous photo session. We wanted to shoot at the Gleisdreieck Park, an urban park in the heart of Berlin, that somehow never got as popular as the Tempelhofer Feld.

However, we met around 6pm, we were really late with the sun seting around 7pm in September. In the end we had around half an hour to shoot, trying to catch the fading light. But sometimes half an hour is all you need... In the end all that matters is that you go out and make the best of it.


  1. Sehr sehr sehr schön Nancy. Weiter so :). Farben und Licht sind einfach genial ... und Viktoria übrigens auch ;)

  2. Happy New Year, dear!
    Beautiful colours. :)

  3. Love.y shots, and a lovely model! Happy New Year!