Between the times

May 13, 2012

When we arrived in Leipzig it was dark and it was raining. It rained so hard we had to run trying to find a location where we could warm up, eat, drink, talk. Leipzig really has to offer a lot of neat, stylish or classic watering holes - but they are much more fun when you don't have to wade though the puddles to get to them ...

While rushing across the old town square and through the narrow cobbled alleys it somehow felt like we had been transported back in time, to the fairy tales of the good old brothers Grimm. The streets were deserted because of the rain and this added to the feeling.

The next day I unpacked my camera and the sightseeing began.

Of course: Auerbachs Keller. The cellar where Goethe used to hang around in his student days and was apparently so impressed by this historic location that he let his Faust meet Mephisto there. 

It is located in the Mädlerpassage (left picture) together with high-end shops and galleries but it hasn't lost some of its century old flair. Not far away is Speck's Hof an arcade also full of shops that you can only find in arcades like this. The right picture shows a shop for wooden toys. I couldn't imagine something like this still existed but it is nice to know that it apparently can. Also I have to admit that the larger-than-life Pinocchio and the jumping jacks with their moving eyes were a little spooky...

The view over Leipzig was quite worth the 34 (or something) storeys. 
Red roofs of old houses. Again reminiscent of a brothers Grimm tale scenery.

And in the distance the impressive Monument to the Battle of Nations. 
(My lens also impressed me: that it was able to zoom this far, hui!)

What impressed me most about Leipzig was that it so obviously lives between three times. There are the really ancient things, still vivid memories of the Wende and the modern times. I cannot really put it in words, but this is a photoblog and I should rely on my pictures to tell you.

One of my favourite pictures because it shows all the three times in one. Or so I think.


  1. Wuff!!!! Deine Posts werden immer besser und Deine Bilder immer kraftvoller!!!!!!
    Fantastisch gemacht. Es ist schön, wie Du uns mit Dir mitnimmst und wir die Sicht mit Dir geniessen können. In Deiner Handschrift liegt was malerisches, was ich immer wieder erkennen kann, Du solltest über ein Fotografiestudium nach denken, Kleines.
    Ich erfreue mich soooooooo über Deine Fotos!

    1. Tausend Dank für die lieben Worte, Yuna! Freut mich total, dass Dir die Bilder gefallen! Die eigene Handschrift zu entwickeln und zu erkennen, finde ich total schwierig, daher freut es mich sehr, wenn Du sagst, Du siehst sie!

      Für ein Fotografie-Studium ist es vielleicht ein bisschen spät... ;) ... aber ich versuche einfach "learning by doing" und irgendwann auf jeden Fall mal einen richtigen Fotokurs zu machen. Es gibt so viel zu entdecken...

  2. such beautiful buildings and architecture, wonderful collection and I really love the last 2 shots:)

  3. schöne eindrücke :D
    ich bin nicht auf der hive-konferenz, da ich am donnerstag nach amsterdam fliege, überschneidet sich leider gerade so blöd :/ gehst du?

  4. Lovely photos, though I confess that the one of the Pinocchios sitting in a row were indeed a little creepy to me as well!

  5. love the post!!


  6. I came here after seeing your photos in The Hive Flickr group. I'm glad I did :) I love the photo you took with the old couple. But my favorites from this post is the church—it looks like something out of Terminator, like a cyborg or something... living human creation meets cold steel. Past and future combined, but in church form :)