Trial and _____

May 15, 2012

At the moment I am very much experimenting. I want to train my eye. To see new things. Or to see thing that were always there - only unnoticed by me.

And I want my camera to make my computer see those things like I saw them.

One outcome of my seeing-experiments you can see below. It's the rocking chair next to our desk, and the late afternoon light coming through the windows broken by the leaves of the trees. It looked like a waterfall with many glittering drops bubbling. I somehow like the picture and wanted to share it with you.

I am also trying some analogue work and am very excited because I can pick up the films in a few days. I did shots with a Lomo Colorsplash and a very old camera from the grandpa of a friend in b/w. I'll definitely let you know if there is a worth outcome. If not, I'll carry on :)


  1. yes, I like it too, I love the chocolate tones and sparkling light and the composition, well seen:)

  2. Fabulous photography LPC! I am a big fan of texture and light in photos. I came across some photos last night that you might like. They are quirky but fun. I popped them in my Flickr favorites. Your photos reminded me of it.
    Thanks for your comment...I hope the sun comes to Berlin soon!
    From your newest follower...
    Jeanne ;)

    Happy shooting!

    1. Welcome, Jeanne! Thanks so much for your kind words! They mean a lot!
      And thanks, too, for the link - the photos are really great, I like them very much!

  3. Hi, Very nice photos! I hope you will take more with analog cameras, I'm a big fan of 35mm :) and thanks for your comment in urbansketchers. Bye