Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There

October 23, 2012

Sometimes I feel like Alice. Looking from behind the mirror. Especially in Autumn - the old magician.

And when it gets darker, I can see the lights of the city again.


  1. Gorgeous fall photos! Most of the leaves here are down now. And the ones that are up are still just yellow. The rain has been knocking them away. :( I like the reversed reflection image at the top.

  2. so richtig Indian Summer hat Berlin nicht, eher grau mit ein paar Farben...bei dir sieht es aber wie ein Indian summer aus ^_^
    mir fehlt es an Zeit einfach so zu fotografieren, deshalb freue ich mich umso mehr auf Deine Bilder

  3. what beautiful colours, I love the reflection in the top photo too, stunning!

  4. you are a very accomplished photographer. i love all the pictures in this post but especially the guitar player. the last picture looks like a giant marigold flower. the colours are incredible.
    one day i hope you will come to my city and take your amazing pictures.

  5. Oh my - how lovely your photos are - the reflection of leaves and the moon centered in the trees - just beautiful!

  6. Magnificent I love your pictures !!!

  7. Hey!

    Good job, you did some amazing photos! I love the composition! ;) <3

    Take care,