Glasgow's Westend

October 16, 2013

On the other side of the motorway running through Glasgow is the Westend. The part of town where one of the Universities is located and student life's buzzing. We woke early and took the bus to Westend so when we arrived the streets were deserted and the restaurants and pubs were still closed. This made for a particular atmosphere, which I loved. We walked through the streets and alleys and watched the city wake up.

We visited the beautiful old University and afterwards the Kelvingrove Museum. The latter is a wonderful collection, an affectionately composed mess of everything interesting to Scottish history and art, I think. Definitely worth a visit.

The Glaswegian weather treated us well, so in the afternoon the sun came out and we had a golden late summer evening, enjoying the beauty of the Westend.

Next stop: Edinburgh!


  1. Boah, total schöne Bilder! Besonders das erste und die letzten beiden - herrlich!

    1. Freut mich, Danke! Ja, die letzten beiden... wenn so tolles Abendlicht und eine schöne Kulisse zusammen treffen, kann ich immer gar nicht aufhören zu fotografieren... :)

  2. Ich liebe England, Schottland...UK...und durch Deine Bilder bin ich wieder dort!!!

  3. I really adore the mood of these shots - it makes want to re-visit Scotland so badly! I cannot wait to see your photographs from Edinburgh!

  4. These photos are so awesome! I swear I was speechless. the two penultimate pictures are really incredible. transport us to another dimension and I love that feeling! congratulations :-)
    have a nice day!

  5. Mal wieder tolle Fotos. Ich mag auch das vorletzte am liebsten. Nach Schottland möchte ich auch sehr gern einmal reisen.

  6. wow, fabulous pics. make me miss home :)

  7. Wonderful photos. Amazing though, how even the early grai skies cannot dampen the beauty of the place.

  8. Beautiful... Magnificent.... Photos...

    Ahhhhh to be able to (safely) wander through alleys. I love alleys.

    (Upper NE of USA)

  9. I love the mood in your pictures !!

  10. Wow, you captured Glasgow at its best, colourful, old buildings. Beautiful!