Hello Edinburgh!

October 27, 2013

While we stayed in Glasgow, we decided to go on a day trip to Edinburgh, which is very comfortable with a regular bus service taking only about an hour to get there. You couldn't even think about staying overnight (to a reasonable price), because the whole town was under the siege of the Fringe Festival. Music everywhere and an incredible atmosphere!

Edinburgh has its very own character, I think. The dark stone of the buildings, the narrow alleys that wind like a huge labyrinth, everything adds to the gloomy atmosphere of a Stevenson story or a Rankin thriller... or maybe I read to much of it in advance... ;) Anyway, one day was too short and I  definitely want to go back and explore the city again. 

Finally I got them! Fried Mars Bars! Yes, you've got it right. Fried. Mars. Bars. The Scottish know what's good! If you ever happen to come across them and you like sweets and have a strong stomach: try one!


  1. These pictures bring back memories of the few hours I spent in Edinburgh during a visit to England. The typical dull overcast sky during my entire trip to UK finally dampened my Indian spirit which really needs the sun. But your pictures remind me of silhouettes with a hint of colour to give them dimension. And you actually tried those Fried Mars Bars!!! :-)

  2. Hehe, das letzte Bild erinnert mich an ein Foto, das ich mal in der Türkei aufgenommen habe. Nicht ganz so viele Schronsteine, aber sehr ähnlich.
    Tolle Serie mal wieder!

  3. fantastic. i went there for the very first time on a school trip, ages ago, so this place holds very special memories for me. from a time where travelling was still beyond exciting and new and scary.

  4. These are precious! Edinburgh's just so beautiful - I wish I could live there! Thanks for sharing these, Nancy!

  5. fried mars bars sound horrible, but the city looks very interesting in your photos :)

  6. I cannot believe I'm from the UK and still have never visited this wonderful city. Your photos make me want to more than ever!