desktop wallpaper // october

October 02, 2016

(1920 x 1280)

The wallpaper for October is one of my favourite places in Hamburg - the warehouse district, the Speicherstadt. I just read on Wikipedia that it is the world's largest warehouse district! I didn't know that, but it really is large... But most of all it is beautiful! Streets of endless brick buildings, glowing red in the sun and reflecting green in the canals. If you ever happen to be in Hamburg, take some time to get lost here.

I wish you all a golden October!

You can download this picture here: click or on my Flickr: click

1 comment:

  1. Very beautiful photograph Nancy. I love old red buildings and we still have some of them here in Bangluru as remnants of our colonial past.
    I have been to Hamburg long ago, over 20 years ago, but I went in winter, from Australia and I didn't enjoy it very much because of that. Had there been blogs then and I had met you, perhaps I would have visited in a different season and seen these beautiful places with you.