desktop wallpaper // august

August 03, 2016

(1920 x 1280)

My picture for August was taken in Lyon, France. I had the pleasure to work in this city for a few weeks some years ago. Since then I have constantly returned to Lyon, because I love this city and it's vibes so much. This picture, with the streets still in the dark while the roofs of the old french houses shining already golden in the morning sun perfectly sums up, what Lyon looked like on my way to work.

You can download this picture here: click or on my Flickr: click

Have a warm, golden and happy August 


  1. beautiful. I'm driving past Lyon six or seven times a year and haven't managed to stop yet. this has to change :)

  2. Your photo for August makes me think of the sun setting on summer, instead of a sunrise! Beautiful!