analogue friday - summer vibes

July 22, 2016

Long time no analogue friday! But now I finally managed to get another roll developed! Come with me and get some summer vibes!

saying goodbye to Norderney... always a bit sad...

But then... Berlin... ♥

summer evenings ...

A relaxed friday afternoon walk with Esther - her blog has been on my reading list since the beginning! It's great! If you want, hop over to her via:

The following picture was not taken by me but by my camera. The strap on which she was hanging around my neck snapped and with a bang - that hurts the ears of everyone, who loves cameras - it bounced on the paving! And took this picture!

I didn't know if everything was alright - the exterior had some scratches but nothing serious. So I kept on photographing with her. And since the next picture was also the next on the roll, I think she's fine ;)

The same thing happened yesterday again with my Mamiya C330 (I'll never trust analogue camera straps again!)... I hope she's fine, but the roll is not yet full and developed. I'll keep you posted...

Fleamarket: selling some of my pictures :)

And, yes, this is Berlin, too:

My favourite of the roll - I bet it confuses you, too, ... ;) :

// all pictures taken with a RevueFlex SD I, 50mm 1.9, on a Kodak Gold 200 //


  1. Ugh, I can hear the bang of your camera now! I'm glad that things seem to be fine.mlove the pictures, including the falling one!

  2. I love this series so much! Glad to know your camera is ok :)

  3. Love the colour in these! And I'm very glad your camera was okay - hope the Mamiya is too.

  4. I hope both of them are fine! It's so great to see your analogues again. :)

  5. I love you analogues and I am glad your camera is OK. There's nothing worse than a broken camera with a roll of film in it.